Attract Fans

Social media analysis of over 275,000 tweets

When do most people play Pokémon GO?

Timeseries Analysis of the hourly tweets count shows the daily seasonal effects in the tweets data. The data shows people are more likely to tweet about Pokémon GO during 5-9 PM, suggesting most people are likely to play during their evening commute. The average hourly tweet number can be simply modeled by a trigonometric function with a period of 24h.

Where are the fans coming from?

The twitter user locations were geocoded by Google APIs and displayed on the map. These data not only shows how pokemongo craze took over the entire world, but also the geographic variation in response to the game. Basically, the number of tweets from each state is linearly correlated with the state population. After normalizing the number of tweets by the state population, I found the game is mostly popular in NY, TX and the west coast of US.

More interestingly is the normalized number of tweets has a negative correlation with the state obesity rate (shown in the map below), which suggests that while Pokémon Go ask people to get moving more in order to catch’em all, but in reality, this strategy may only work for people who are already fit rather than fat.

Popularity vs. Obesity

What other topics do fans care about?

I explored the messy tweets using Natural Language Processing techniques, and created the wordclouds of the most frequent words and hashtags from Pokémon tweets.

#PokémonGo & #Udemy

Want to learn? Here are bunch of Udemy courses for you:

  • Play Pokémon GO Like a Seasoned Professional
  • Create a Pokémon GO Marketing Campaign
  • Make Your Own Pokémon GO Game for iOS 10
  • #PokémonGo & #Turkey

    Topic modeling

    Using a k-means clustering algorithm, I'm able to cluster tweets into different topics, which are covers wide range of topics including education, politics, entertainment, and etc.

    Education: Matric

    Politics: Pantsuit

    Entertainment: Luckyzilla

    Entertainment: Eggception

    Entertainment: Fedora